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The Blaze Legacy

For fans of ‘The Witch Walker’, ‘Shadow Fae’, and ‘Crowns of Nyaxia’ series, this enemies to lovers fantasy romance is bound to have you searching for your very own magic portal to escape to.

The Blaze Legacy is a slow burn enemies to lovers romance full of dragons, shifters, delicious tension, and spice that builds with the series. It has dual strong female leads that each have their own romantic storyline. One character develops into an MF relationship and the other into a sapphic one.

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Book 1


A mysterious black envelope arrives inviting Kyleigh to pledge Halston University’s prestigious secret society.

She plummets into a dark realm full of magic and twisted creatures that once only lived in her bedtime fairy tales. Grappling with her new explosive powers, Kyleigh stumbles into a stranger named Aislin who has glowing eyes and a talent for delivering swift and merciful deaths.

Given a shot at the freedom she’s craved for years, Aislin must use her gifts one final time to carry out a mission fueled by revenge. But can two women from worlds apart find a way to join forces against a vengeful king, or will they remain pawns in a deadly game?

Book 2


The Revered have returned.

Struggling to confront burning truths, Kyleigh must keep her identity a secret or risk endangering everyone. As she and Dru navigate her awakened magic and new role within the kingdom, self-doubts emerge, threatening to pull them apart.

Aislin is discharged from her assassin duties, only to find herself tethered to another master when a small favor comes back to haunt her. A familiar enemy re-enters her life, complicating things further and conjuring feelings she can’t ignore or trust.

The restoration of power in Celaria rouses a dangerous foe. Now, two warring kingdoms with a heated past must form a tenuous alliance.

Secrets will be unmasked.
Hearts will be measured.

What are they willing to sacrifice to heal a decade of scars?


Prequel Origin Novella


Our people are born in the shadows. Destined to die in their clutches.

As a faerie growing up in The Pitch, the coppery essence running through your veins is easily worth more than your life—unless you prove otherwise. It’s an accepted truth; the reality of our world. But I refuse to accept that fate, knowing there’s more for me. A glittering future beyond the one I was spawned into.

There are only two paths out of The Pitch, though, and there’s no way I’ll end up drained and discarded like my parents. When my wings sprout and my affinity for persuasion arrive at sixteen, I join the King’s Menagerie of nectars and set out to forge a new outcome for myself.

Book 3


Obey. Enchant. Destroy.

The Enchantress is closing in on freedom from the confines of her forest banishment. Without the full force of the Revered, the group must split up to seek additional alliances in foreign territories brimming with exotic and dangerous magic.

Desperate for answers, Kyleigh and Dru scour a stolen relic in search of the key to rescuing those who’ve been lost to her dark coven.

As they begin to untangle an intricate web of illusions spun over decades, a heartbreaking revelation sends their plans up in smoke, leaving Arafax’s fate hanging in the balance.



Book 4


Death signals a new beginning.

A kingdom has fallen. With the Revered and their Champions pinned under the Enchantress’s looming threat, they are forced to confront devastating losses, irrevocable confessions, and poisonous truths.

Aislin’s blissful yet bittersweet reunion is cut short when her memories begin to resurface. Haunted by the shadows of her guilt, she vows to mend her bond with Sloan as they prepare for an inescapable war.

A heartbreaking revelation is unlocked, shattering an already fragile Kyleigh. Sparked by rage, she stumbles into unknown territory, colliding with a thorny stranger who sows seeds of doubt in everything she’s believed since plummeting into Celaria.

Tangled between the twisted threads of fate, the Revered must rise from the ashes or remain caged by the ghosts of their pasts.

Book 5


The final installment in The Blaze Legacy is coming December 2024.

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