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Celestial Haven

Wicked in the Pines is the first part of a supernatural MMF+ why choose paranormal romance duet set against the backdrop of the Pacific Northwest. For readers looking for gothic Desperate Housewives meets Practical Magic vibes with a splash of spice and a dash of mystery.

Wicked in the Pines & Midnight With the Hexed complete Oakley's story but we aren't done in this world. Celestial Haven is a series of interconnected duets and standalones set within the same secret supernatural suburb. While the romances conclude in 1-2 books, there are overarching threads that are found throughout the books. More to come in 2025 & 2026.


Book 1

Wicked in the Pines

Any witch would be lucky to live in Celestial Haven.

At least that’s what new mom Oakley Brooks tells herself when she moves to the idyllic supernatural suburb with her sister. If raising a witchling and adjusting to a new neighborhood wasn’t hard enough, Oakley has a sinful secret.

Her magic is running out.

And if the truth about her dry spell is uncovered by the tight-knit coven’s rumor mill, she’ll be sent packing.

After her sister doesn’t return home from a night on the town, Oakley begins to worry and enlists the help of two of her neighbors: a charming personal trainer who conjures up once-forgotten feelings and the coffee truck’s resident brewista who’s as broody as he is enigmatic.

Could her magic be playing tricks on her or are these two tasty treats actually interested in the hot mess mom down the street?

The full moon closes in—the perfect opportunity to recharge her magic. Oakley must decide if she can accept the consequences of her gift or if she’ll let her magic disappear forever.

As they continue to search for answers about her sister, two things become clear:

Secrets never stay hidden and something wicked is brewing on Starry Night Lane.

Book 2

Midnight With the Hexed

There’s a new witch on the block.

For Oakley Brooks, Celestial Haven’s newest resident can only spell one thing: disaster.

With her magic replenished and gift reclaimed, she shifts her focus to relaunching her business and preparing for the coven’s highly anticipated Moonlit Masquerade.

But another disappearance threatens to ruin Starry Night Lane’s stellar reputation, putting pressure on the supernatural government and its Archons to unearth more answers surrounding the missing witches in the seemingly safe suburb. With the neighborhood under more scrutiny than ever, Lynx and Saros get caught in the crossfire, forcing the pair to keep their relationship with Oakley a secret.

As her past and present collide, she must decide if she’ll follow her heart’s desire or risk living with an eternity of regret.

And sometimes resurrecting the truth leads to deadly consequences.

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